The procedure

So you’re interested to outsource the management of your room or apartment to us? These are the next steps:

1. Check whether your housing fits our minimum criteria:

  • room size 12 m2 or more
  • furnished with at least a bed, desk and chair
  • access to private or shared bathroom and kitchen facilities
  • proper lighting and heating
  • internet/wifi connection
  • bed sheets and towels
  • use of washing machine

2. Sign up your accomodation with the application form.

3. Mail us several pictures of the room and the facilities. These pictures should include the room from several angles, the kitchen, the bathroom, and the front view of the property.

4. We will confirm whether or not we can manage your room, house or apartment.

5. We sign a management agreement and agree on the dates to collect and return the keys.

6. You compile a guideline to your room or apartment with the following information:

  • name and mobile phone number of on-location confidant or house manager
  • wifi signal and password
  • instruction to the room and amenities (cooking, laundry, cleaning)
  • specific house rules
  • an inventory list of what you leave in the room, house or apartment (no need to go into details, but include everything that’s important to you)

Keep in mind that our guests will typically not take part in the chores; it’s best to arrange an exemption with your house mates for the duration of your subletting period.

7. Make sure you leave your property in a clean state with fresh sheets on the bed(s), and remove private belongings (like cloths, laptop).

You can now relax and really enjoy your trip or investment, while the monthly rent keeps coming in. 🙂

Sign up your accomodation – free and without obligation!