The Advantages

What are the advantages of working with us instead of trying to find subtenants or renters yourself?

1. Full rent covered – It’s often a challenge to find a subtenant or renter who needs housing on exactly the same dates as you are planning your time away. Searching for and selecting candidates can be time-consuming anyway. We solve this by stepping in and covering the full period of your rent, whether we have an exact date match with guests or not. It’s our concern to fill the space, not yours. Also, we pay the rent in time, so you have the money in your account before your own rent or mortgage term is due.

2. Hassle-free – It can be a hassle to set up contracts and arrange keys when the candidates for your accomodation live in another country. We cover this part too. We take care of your room, house or apartment based on a standard management agreement. This is free of charge for you, our service fee is paid by the subrenter(s). We collect and take care of the keys, coordinate the required subrental contracts, and make sure your accomodation is returned to you tidy and timely.

3. Only responsible guests – We only work with decent temporary workers, interns and international students. Folks who are here because they have a job to do. We screen everyone. Guests have to submit a copy of their passport and give a one-month payment guarantee. They have to sign an agreement with clear terms & conditions. This way we make sure that only serious candidates apply. And if they break something, it’s covered.

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