I need housing

The Dutch housing market is one of the most difficult in the world. The demand is extremely high and housing is scarce, especially for couples and families. For internationals it can be a stressful experience to find and secure housing.

If you don’t know the market, it can take many months to find a suitable apartment or house. Housing ads easily draw up to 30-50 candidates that you have to compete with. 

Smart people realise this and hire a rental broker. A professional that knows the area, knows how the market works, and can find and negotiate a good deal on your behalf. Who can also handle the rental contract in Dutch for you.

Sublet Ede-Wageningen is such a broker. Our mission is to connect demand and supply in the midterm housing market in the Ede-Wageningen region (from 6 months to 3 years).

If you would like Sublet Ede-Wageningen to actively search and secure housing for you, you can contact us for a Search Agreement. We maintain a large network of housing providers in the region and have the reputation of reaching good results for our clients.

The advantages of hiring us:

  1. We work 100% for you and will always negotiate in your interest.
  2. Save valuable time. Scouting housing sites and platforms on a daily basis can be very time-consuming.
  3. A good success rate. Thanks to our extensive network in the Ede-Wageningen region, years of experience, and smart negotiation strategies, we’ve made the majority of our clients happy.

Contact us for more information.